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El selectivo no cuenta hoy con la referencia de Wall Street, cerrado por el Día de la Independencia

Glencore, la mayor comercializadora mundial de materias primas y dueña de Asturiana de Zinc (AZSA), cayó en Bolsa el 7,78%...

Asturias se ha situado a la misma distancia de la región más barata

Adriana Lastra, esta mañana, en Oviedo.

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La vicesecretaria del PSOE asegura que una de las prioridades es buscar la viabilidad de Hunosa

Aumenta el gasto de los turistas extranjeros en España.

El Reino Unido fue el país con mayor gasto acumulado, seguido de Alemania y países nórdicos

Amazon creará 1.600 empleos en España.

Gran parte de los nuevos puestos de trabajo se crearán en los centros de Barcelona y Madrid

Arturo Cuevas y Alejandro Fernández con el sistema que el primero utiliza para minar.

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Arturo Cuevas es uno de los pocos que practican esta minería informática en la región con varias tarjetas gráficas a las que se programa un algoritmo

La entrega de diplomas.

La patronal entrega los diplomas a los 14 alumnos que participaron en este curso

Un autobús de Alsa.

La compañía está especializada en el transporte de viajeros de cruceros

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La contratación se incrementará un 9% respecto al año anterior

Pisos en venta en Avilés.

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Los bancos concedieron 531 hipotecas para comprar piso en abril, un 43,9% más

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Transitioning From Military To Civilian Life Can Be Especially Difficult For Female Veterans

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Jay Price

The number of female veterans has been growing rapidly, but leaving the military carries its own challenges for women. Mental health experts have begun focusing more on their transition to the civilian world.


The number of female veterans has been growing rapidly, and leaving the military carries its own challenges for women. Mental health experts have been focusing more on their transition to the civilian world. Yesterday we heard how wrong things can go if that leap to civilian life goes badly. Today, Jay Price of member station WUNC reports on efforts to help it go right.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #1: How was your week? You got here. You got here in time like I did.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #2: On time, on time (laughter).

JAY PRICE, BYLINE: This recent after-work gathering in Charlotte resembles those held by any number of veterans groups.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #1: Let's make sure everyone signs in. I'm glad you guys are here today.

PRICE: But as it convenes, one difference is obvious.

JOIE COOK: Everybody has the same foundation. So when you start talking, nobody goes, well, what was that like? Everybody has the same exact base. OK, you're all females.

PRICE: A crucial difference, says Army veteran Joie Cook.

COOK: So no matter what we're talking about - whether it's relationship or whether it's the kids or whether - everybody has that same base of going, oh, yeah, I know.

PRICE: These meetings for female veterans have been occurring over the past few weeks all over the country thanks to a grant from Wal-Mart and with support from the VA. The idea behind the Women Veteran Network, or WoVeN, is to build a gender-specific support system. Air Force veteran Cat Corchado draws on her own experience as she leads the meeting.

CAT CORCHADO: The military really made it seem like all you do is this and this and this and this. You need LinkedIn, and you'll be good. And so I got out of the military thinking I had this pad; I was good.

PRICE: But once out, she didn't feel tied into any sort of support.

CORCHADO: You get into this free fall, and you don't know how to climb back out of it. And so I thought my struggle was just mine, but I didn't realize until years later that every veteran but especially female veterans go through that free fall. And most of them find other female veterans that can help, but some of them never get out of that free fall.

PRICE: She says both male and female vets deal with stresses from wartime deployments and shifting out of the predictable regimented world of the military. But Corchado says women also may have other pressures, like being a single parent as she was when she moved back into civilian life.

CORCHADO: You know, that's difficult. And if you don't know who to talk to or you have no recourse, then you are that female veteran on the street, you know, living in your car with your kids. It's horrible.

PRICE: Retired Army Colonel Ellen Haring is research director for the advocacy group Service Women's Action Network.

ELLEN HARING: Women have increased risk factors.

PRICE: Risk factors that increase the likelihood of problems like homelessness, unemployment and depression and contribute to a suicide rate among female veterans that's nearly 2 1/2 times greater than among civilian women.

HARING: They're more likely to be single and have children. They have - struggle getting jobs at equivalent pay that their male counterparts do. They're more likely to have been assaulted. Certainly they've been harassed.

PRICE: And the cumulative effect can be that free fall Corchado talked about. VA experts on women's mental health say the transition to the civilian world has long been a priority, but the VA and Pentagon are focusing on it even more. They'll be co-hosting a workshop on it in August for some of their health care workers. Transitioning out and suicide prevention will be central topics. Haring's group also has ideas.

HARING: First of all, assess. Make sure the assessments take into account the possible differences in the experiences between men and women, and then give recommendations on what they need to do about it. Right now, it just seems like a one-shoe-fits-everyone. There isn't any gender analysis that goes into the assessment process.

PRICE: The group has half a dozen recommendations. One is offering better access to counselors trained and working with women who've experienced sexual harassment and assault. Another is establishing better social support groups and networks like the one Corchado works with...

CORCHADO: So we talked last week about balance. We're going to talk about stress relief today.

PRICE: ...Where female veterans can help each other avoid that free fall. For NPR News, I'm Jay Price in Charlotte, N.C.

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The most common approach is to offset every other column or row. Columns are named col ( q ). Rows are named row ( r ). You can either offset the odd or the even column/rows, so the horizontal and vertical hexagons each have two variants.

Another way to look at hexagonal grids is to see that there are primary axes, unlike the we have for square grids. There’s an elegant symmetry with these.

Let’s take a cube grid and slice out a diagonal plane at . This is a idea but it helps us make hex grid algorithms simpler. In particular, we can reuse standard operations from cartesian coordinates: adding coordinates, subtracting coordinates, multiplying or dividing by a scalar, and distances.

Notice the three six hex grid directions are halfway between two of the cube axes. We’ll see this in the neighbors section, where moving along one of the six hex grid directions involves changing of the coordinates.

Because we already have algorithms for square and cube grids, using cube coordinates allows us to adapt those algorithms to hex grids. I will be using this system for most of the algorithms on the page. To use the algorithms with another coordinate system, I’ll convert to cube coordinates , run the algorithm, and convert back.

Study how the cube coordinates work on the hex grid. Selecting the hexes will highlight the cube coordinates corresponding to the three axes.

The cube coordinates are a reasonable choice for a hex grid coordinate system. The constraint is that x + y + z = 0 so the algorithms must preserve that. The constraint also ensures that there’s a canonical coordinate for each hex.

There are many different valid cube hex coordinate systems. Some of them have constraints other than x + y + z = 0 . I’ve shown only one of the many systems. You can also construct cube coordinates with x-y, y-z, z-x , and that has its own set of interesting properties, which I don’t explore here.

“But Amit!” you say, “I don’t want to store 3 numbers for coordinates. I don’t know how to store a map that way.”

Axial coordinates #

The axial coordinate system, sometimes called “trapezoidal” or “oblique” or “skewed”, is built by taking two of the three coordinates from a cube coordinate system. Since we have a constraint , there’s some redundancy, and we don’t need to store all three coordinates. This diagram is the same as the previous one, except I don’t show :

There are many choices of cube coordinate system, and many choices of axial coordinate system. I’m not going to show all of the combinations in this guide. I’ve chosen for “column” = and as “row” = . This choice is arbitary, as you can rotate and flip the diagrams to make many different assignments of ±x,±y,±z to q,r.

The advantage of this system over offset grids is that the algorithms are cleaner when you can use add, subtract, multiply, and divide on hex coordinates. The disadvantage of this system is that storing a rectangular map is a little weird; see the map storage section for ways to handle that. In my projects, I name the axes , , so that I have the constraint , and then I can calculate when I need the third coordinate for algorithms that work better with cube coordinates.

Although I recommend axial/cube coordinates, if you are sticking to offset coordinates, consider the doubled variant. It makes many of the algorithms easier to implement. Instead of alternation, the doubled coordinates double either the horizontal or vertical step size. It has a constraint ( col + row ) % 2 == 0 . In the horizontal (pointy top hex) layout it increases the column by 2 each hex; in the vertical (flat top hex) layout it increases the row by 2 each hex. This allows the in-between values for the hexes that are halfway in between:


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